WILBORN HAMPTON is a former journalist with United Press International and The New York Times. His first book, Kennedy Assassinated: The World Mourns, is an account of his part as a cub reporter in covering the murder of President Kennedy in Dallas. Subsequent books focus on some of the stories he covered as a reporter or were witness to, including the nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island, the wars in the Middle East, and the September 11, 2001 attack on New York City. He has also written Young Adult biographies on Elvis Presley and Babe Ruth. His latest work is an adult biography of the playwright and screenwriter Horton Foote.

Selected Works

The story of one of Americaís greatest playwrights and screenwriters, who won two Academy Awards and the Pulitzer Prize but lived a quiet family life out of the spotlight.
An account of the day John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas, told by a cub reporter who was suddenly thrown into covering its tragic events.
The day terrorists attacked New York City, told through the eyes of those who suffered personal loss in the collapse of the Twin Towers.
Two wars that changed the course of the Middle East, told through the eyes of a reporter who covered them.
The rise and fall of the young man from Tupelo, Mississippi, who created a new music that became rock and roll and became its king.
The story of a bad kid from the Baltimore dockyards who rose from a reform school playground to become the greatest baseball player ever to step on a diamond.

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